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Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT, part 2

>> Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama, a category 5 hurricane by a category 5 IDIOT-See part I here

While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster! I remember the airports becoming a complete and utter disaster. When the government was shut down for 35 days under Trump’s watch, but I’ll move on. In December of 2011, he tweeted, I play golf to relax. My company is in great shape. Barak Obama plays golf to escape work while America goes down the drain. By the way, >> He had tweeted about Obama playing golf 27 times. >> And now all he does is play golf, he broke Obama’s record, shattered it, shattered it.

I’m not saying Obama has the record, Eisenhower might have, but. By the way, I thought Obama played way too much golf, I can’t believe how little the presidents work. But then Trump’s like hold my beer, kind of literally, cuz all I’m gonna do is play golf. And look at that, I mean, that’s perfect, to escape work, that’s why he does it. And my companies are in great shape, you bankrupted six companies, you loser. Maybe you should play a little less golf, and then you wouldn’t bankrupt as many companies. Anyway, Category Five, nobody’s ever heard of it, well, I’ve heard of it my whole life. If you’ve ever watched a weather report about hurricanes, you’ve heard about the different categories including category five. Well, apparently, there’s one moron who’s never heard of it. And get a little of the different times that he says this.

>> Yeah, so I actually wanna go to two different videos, let’s start of with the first one. This is what he has to say about Category Five hurricanes today. >> We will work very hard to minimize whatever the effect of what’s coming out. We don’t even know what’s coming out of this, all we know is it’s possibly the biggest. I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of a Category 5, I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some Category Fours, you don’t even see them that much. But the Category 5 is something that I don’t know that I’ve ever even heard the term, other than I know it’s there.

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>> So he might not have ever heard the term Category 5 that’s already deeply, deeply embarrassing. But wait a minute, it’s now, this is not the first hurricane on his watch. Let’s see if he’s ever heard of Category 5 hurricanes before. >> They’ve never seen a category like this come in cuz it came in really at 5. It was a category 5, I never even knew a category 5 existed. >> Got hit as 5, category 5 storm which is just literally never happens. It actually touched down as a category 5, people have never seen anything like that. This has been a category 5, which few people have ever even heard of. A category 5, nobody has ever heard of a 5 hitting land. Category five hurricane, category 5, never heard about category 5s before. >> He’s such a sad narcissist >> A lot of those video clips were from 2017. >> Yeah, first of all, if you’ve never heard of a category 5 in 2017, after having said you’d never heard of one. Which is already deeply embarrassing, anyway it’s about a 1,000 times over. By now you would think you would of heard of a category five, when you yourself talked about it. I don’t know, people keep asking the question, is he in mental decline? Or was he always painfully unintelligent? And my answer is, clearly both.

>> Yeah! >> This is what a very below-average mind looks like while deteriorating. And the narcissism part comes in at, hey, my ignorant ass had never heard of a category 5 storm. So I’ll assume no-one has ever heard of a category 5 storm. >> It’s amazing. >> It makes me think back to when he was trying to fix healthcare in America, and he said. Who would have known that healthcare is so complicated? >> No, no, he said, he said, no-one knew healthcare was this complicated. Everyone knew but you, but you. >> Daily embarrassment, and this is not hyperbole, I mean this. Literally the dumbest person elected as president in the United States. >> That’s so easy, no, that’s not even a question. >> He now makes Bush look smart and Bush was a category four. Really dumb- >> And Trump, I never heard of it before, but is a category 5 idiot.

READ  Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

I think though, I honestly believe this, in all my years of covering politics, now well over two decades. I have never seen a politician as dumb as Donald Trump, elected at any level. He makes Gomer look like a PhD >> It’s true. >> And if you look up to him, my God, that is so embarrassing and humiliating. And one day you’ll pretend you never did, and one day you’ll pretend that you didn’t vote for him. But we know- >> We know, >> We’re in the middle of it now, and you all of you idiot goes will go to Trump is smart. He’s so smart and here he is, embarrassing himself and you, on a daily basis. Later when you find out, no, his very, very limited mind was already in very significant decline. You’ll pretend you knew, no, I knew, but I just hated Latinos and Muslims, but I knew. Did I say that out loud? That’s what’ll happen to you. >> Yeah, and look, there’s the comical angle to it where you see his stupidity. And you can’t help, but laugh how incredibly dumb he is. But at the same time, lives are lost as a result of his stupidity, I mean, this hurricane is no joke.

And again in the Bahamas, it has created complete and utter destruction. >> You’re looking at Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas there. >> Five people are already reported dead, an eight-year old was reported drowned. And by the way, this is just the beginning, I mean, the death toll is definitely going to- >> Way higher. >> Yeah. >> So it sat as a category 5 on top of the island for an incredibly long period of time. And so funny thing is, if Trump was right about how people hadn’t heard of Category 5s. It actually wouldn’t be something that he should be saying politically, why? Because the storms are getting more intense, and why? Climate change, so if it was true that nobody had ever heard of a category 5 before. And now all of a sudden we have category 5s, that means you should leap into action. And make sure that we’re fighting against climate change. Climate change does not create more hurricanes, what it does is it makes the hurricanes far more intense. Because of the warm ocean water which creates more precipitation, and more wind, and more sustained and sometimes even slower. So it becomes a Category 5 and then this sits over land wiping out everything on the ground.

READ  Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

It looks like a nuke hit it. And who’s the leader of the most powerful country, that by the way gets hit with hurricanes all the time. Who’s in charge now? A total buffoon that has almost no mind left, and we’re supposed to trust that everything’s gonna be okay? His own Weather- >> Service. >> Service, thank you, National Weather Service, turns around and says no, don’t believe the President. The President is an idiot, whatever you do, do not listen to the President. Alabama you’re gonna be fine, Florida, you are not, you need to take action right now.

But turn off Twitter, turn off the TV, don’t listen the President, cuz the President has lost his goddamn mind. .

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Climate change and extreme weather

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