Countermeasures to combat Antibiotic resistance

Antimicrobial peptides, potential cuntermeasures to fight recalcitrant infection

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    Berthony Deslouches


    Please share and discuss information on the importance of antimicrobial peptides as promising agents against infections associated with multidrug-resistant bacteria


    Berthony Deslouches


    This is a recent review on antimicrobial peptides:

    The next generation of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as molecular therapeutic tools for the treatment of diseases with
    social and economic impacts by Nicolau B. da Cunha et al., 2017 . Dr. Cunha is a Biochemistry Professor and Simoni Campos Dias is a professor at the Genomics and Biotechnology Post Graduation Program, and both are at the Catholic University of
    Brasilia (UCB).

    “In this review, we outline recent advances in the development of novel AMPs with improved antimicrobial activities that
    were achieved through characteristic structural design. In addition, we describe recent progress made to overcome some of the major limitations that have hindered peptide biosynthesis.”


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