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Group logo of The world's microbiota, infectious diseases, and microbiology
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Updates, debates, conferences, and biotechnology regarding the microbiota, infectious diseases, and microbiology

Group logo of Protocols in molecular biology
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Make the scientific world better with your presence. Share your protocols or new technologies here. Share a link, copy, paste, or upload your protocol here using a forum topic. Thank you for your participation!

Group logo of Deslouches Laboratory
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The primary goal of the Deslouches Laboratory is to develop peptide-based antimicrobial therapeutics to treat infections associated with multidrug-resistant bacteria. Another objective is to establish how […]

Group logo of Countermeasures to combat Antibiotic resistance
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Please share full articles or links to news, videos, articles on antibiotic resistance and countermeasures to fight recalcitrant bacteria. Be sure to remember the importance of the microbial flora or the host […]

Group logo of Advances in Biotechnology
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This group focuses on advances in biotechnology. Please write or share articles, links, and videos. You may also share published articles by attachment. Thank you for your participation

Group logo of Help Desk
Help Desk|Public Group
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If you encounter any issue on Luloot, we are here to help. Please post any problem in this group forum here. Please note that we require that all members complete their basic profiles and at least upload a profile […]