The University of Cambridge: An 800th Anniversary Portrait

University of Cambridge: The official illustrated companion to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University. University of Cambridge: An 800th Anniversary Portrait Review "Suitably emollient on the whole, though with sharp edges in places, this compendium of low living and high thinking, of student press and Nobel Prizemen ... will enjoy a wide readership." The Times Literary Supplement, 16 December 2009 "Chock-full of images and bursting with contributions from a veritable Who's Who of twentieth-century Cambridge alumni, Pagnamenta's book is entertaining, informative, and up-to-date. Four stars." Varsity, 30 January 2009 About the Author Peter Pagnamenta is a writer and documentary maker who has made many historical series for television including the 26-part People's Century, the BBC history of the twentieth century, and the eight-part All Our Working Lives. He is a former editor of Panorama, and while at Cambridge was Editor of Va…
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Modern Britain, 1750 to the Present (Cambridge History of Britain)

This wide-ranging introduction to the history of modern Britain extends from the eighteenth century to the present day. James Vernon's distinctive history is weaved around an account of the rise, fall and reinvention of liberal ideas of how markets, governments and empires should work. The history takes seriously the different experiences within the British Isles and the British Empire, and offers a global history of Britain. Instead of tracing how Britons made the modern world, Vernon shows how the world shaped the course of Britain's modern history. Richly illustrated with figures and maps, the book features textboxes (on particular people, places and sources), further reading guides, highlighted key terms and a glossary. A supplementary online package includes additional primary sources, discussion questions, and further reading suggestions, including useful links. This textbook is an essential resource for introductory courses on the history of modern Britain.
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