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The mission of Fisher Scientific is To enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

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Fisher Science Education is committed to promoting STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education in schools all across the country. We strive to transfor See More
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Fisher Science Education can help equip any science classroom or laboratory with a full line of products in:

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The 2018 New Lab Start-Up Program gives you exclusive access to money-saving offers on the supplies you need to get your new lab off the ground — without breaking the bank. The program includes 100 special offers that could save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

Our suppliers are offering discounts across a broad range of products, and we’re giving you the opportunity to choose the items you want from the brands you trust most.

The Fisher Scientific™ channel partners with companies across industrial markets such as biopharma and personal care to deliver custom-tailored cleanroom solutions.

Fisher Scientific™ Global Solutions combines a broad portfolio of leading brands and Fisherbrand™ products with innovative services to support your expanding business all around the world. Our regional offices give us a local presence, and our extensive dealer network enables us to maintain an uninterrupted, worldwide supply of products. We’re proud to deliver products and logistics expertise to help your global health initiative succeed.

Since 2004, Fisher Scientific has been dedicated to helping customers build plans to meet diverse business requirements while being able to procure the same quality and choice of products. Our knowledgeable team and strong network allow access to diversity partners locally and nationally.

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Look for the Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) icon to indicate products that meet supplier diversity requirements. Fisher identifies vendors by size and certification. Size determinant is based on primary NAICS code as identified by a vendor. For an organization to be identified as small and/or diverse, certifications and representations presented should be based on Federal laws and SBA requirements, as opposed to individual state certifications.


Attrition is a decrease in staff or personnel as a result of replacements not been hired. When employees leave, Police officer attrition is making it difficult for law enforcement to safeguard the entire community.

Strudent attrition

Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition 1st Edition In this 1994 classic work on student retention, Vincent Tinto synthesizes far-ranging research on student attrition and on actions institutions can and should take to reduce it. The key to effective retention, Tinto demonstrates, is in a strong commitment to quality education and the building of a strong sense of inclusive educational and social community on campus. He applies his theory of student departure to the experiences of minority, adult, and graduate students, and to the situation facing commuting institutions and two-year colleges

Attrition examples: As a result of teacher attrition, a lot of classrooms are overcrowded. It is the gradual degradation or reduction in a tangible or intangible resource due to causes that are passive and do not include the productive use of the resource. The Girl Scout troop’s attrit*** is sizable because many families have moved out of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, budget cuts are worsening the fire department’s attrit*** problem. The company president is using attrit*** to save money by not hiring new employees. Do you get the idea? It is a decrease in staff or personnel as a result of replacements not been hired when employees leave. It is the process of progressively diminishing the power of something or an individual through continuous attack or pressure. “The assembly is trying to wear down the opposition by attrition”

Many synonyms of attrition: abrasion, erosion, detrition, contrition, contriteness, rubbing, wear, penitence, compunction, grinding, remorse, repentance, rasping, wear and tear, exhaustion, chafing, decrease, depletion, loss, massage, regret, rue, shrinkage, stroke, corrasion, corrosion, apology, attenuation, decrement, dissolution, grating, lessening, penitency, reduction, remorsefulness, scraping, abatement, chafe, cut, depreciation, deterioration, dissipation, fretting, penalty, penance, rubbing away, sorrow, thinning, weakening, ablation, gradual loss
“Engaging in this war  has resulted in further attrition of our already feeble naval force”

There are many other ways to use this word. For instance, you can sometimes hear customer attrition, also known as customer churn, customer turnover, or customer defection. It is the loss of customers or clients. There are actually formulas you can use to calculate this as you can see here in this video

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