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Month: December 2014

Open Access To Online Education Fundraising Campaign

The mission of Luloot Academy is to develop an online platform for totally free access to online courses delivered by educators all over the world

Once we are open, we will be lauching a permanent “Open Access To Education” fundraising Campaign: Your participation will be crucial and appreciated!!!

Hi, my name is Berthony Deslouches, a medical scientist. In the laboratory, my passion is to develop therapeutics to combat infectious microbes with high tendency to develop resistance against antibiotics. Outside of the laboratory, free access to education is my passion.

I am gathering an effective team of developers and educators to provide a social media platform for an open-access, multinational, community-driven online Academy for educators from all over the world to deliver courses in any language at no cost to anyone!

We will really need the support of the community every step of the way to develop and sustain this massive project. 

How to participate: (1) Purchase from our web store through Amazon; (2)  suggest ideas for improvement  or any fundraising ideas to help sustain the academy; (4) Share your knowledge/deliver online courses; submit your Power point files with description for each slide, and we will make videos for you on Luloot, or submit text documents with images; write articles on any topics. please Participate! Share your ideas.

We appreciate your contribution and your patience…

virtual dynamic classrooms with human-like 3D models
virtual dynamic classrooms with realistic 3D models

Luloot, Open Access community-driven online academy, intends to harness the power of social media for free access to education and to facilitate professional development.

More information below:

  • We are developing Luloot Academy as an open-access multinational community-driven online platform for educators from all over the world to deliver courses in any language at no cost to users!
  • In addition, we are creating an interactive system for our core video courses to make learning fun for everyone free of charge.
  • Every single human achievement begins with education, and poverty is usually a direct consequence of a lack of education. From the very first teacher in your life, your mother, to multiple teachers and your peers in society, the skills and expertise you have accumulated in life form the basis for your survival or your success. Those survival skills require the help of members of a your family or society. There is little you can do alone to have a substantial impact on your society and the world. Many who have access to social media websites may not be able to afford an education delivered in the classroom. Even those who can afford it may sometimes have trouble understanding poorly delivery course materials. Let’s support a free online academy that facilitates free course delivery by those who are truly passionate about education.
  • Our platform is being designed to allow educators from all over the world to deliver their own courses in any language and to facilitate student-educator engagement via instant messaging, chat or video conferencing. If you have the text for a course and are unable to make videos for that course, we will be happy to use the text to produce the videos for you on Luloot Academy. Any well-written educational materials you submit to luloot will be a great contribution and appreciated!
  • Luloot Academy is also providing a module for preparing exam reviews and highly interactive video lessons using realistic human-like 3D models. The intent is to create stories with common life experiences to teach key academic concepts.

  • Please feel free to contact us for any question and come back again. Thank you!

Berthony Deslouches, MD, PhD

free access to online education: The virtual dynamic classrooms

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