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Berthony Deslouches, MD, PhD

Berthony Deslouches Research statement 2015

Research Statement, Berthony Deslouches, MD, PhD My research goal is to develop novel therapeutics primarily against hard-to-treat bacterial and viral infections. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), with detergent-like selective mechanisms and rapid action against diverse types of pathogens, are an untap... Read More »

NIH Biographical biosketch 2015

Biographical Biosketch 2015 for NIH grant application, Berthony Deslouches OMB No. 0925-0001/0002 (Rev. 08/12 Approved Through 8/31/2015) BIOGRAPHICAL BIOSKETCH NAME: Berthony Deslouches eRA COMMONS USER NAME (credential, e.g., agency login): x POSITION TITLE: Research Assistant Professor EDUCATION/... Read More »

Luloot Academy Luloot Academy

Open Access To Online Education Fundraising Campaign

Please purchase a perk to support the development of the academy for totally free access to online courses Open Access To Education fundraising Campaign: Your participation is crucial!!! Hi, my name is Berthony Deslouches, researcher. In the laboratory, my passion is to develop therapeutics to comba... Read More »

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