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  • Online Academy: Luloot Scholar, Open-Access Online Academy for All

    Open-access online Academy

    Open-access online Academy

    Temporary Home Page of Luloot Scholar, the world’s Open-Access Online Academy Directory-    Video   courses.

    Luloot Scholar is an open-access online academy for professional preparation. Luloot’s mission is to provide an open-access online platform for sharing knowledge in all academic disciplines with all people around the globe. We are highly thankful to all scholars, teachers, and other professionals for taking an active role in helping to build this online academy by sharing lectures (e.g., videos) (or lecture notes coming soon ), examination reviews, scholarly-written articles (community-reviewed expert opinions or book chapters), and participating in interesting debates], etc. This Online academy (Luloot Scholar), was founded and first established an online presence in 2011. Its founder, Dr. Berthony Deslouches, wanted to develop and test a web stage that was sufficiently  versatile to facilitate the sharing of knowledge. After testing all the interesting features, the web site was shut down for suitable preparation.

    Because of the substantial server load required by audiovisual materials, it was becoming increasingly clear in the first year of testing that it would be beneficial to have a dedicated script for these materials, separate from the main platform. Hence, we first returned online (2013) with the Luloot videos for e-learning site. The goal is, as an online academy with open-access,  to provide shared audiovisual materials in all academic disciplines while further planning the launching of the main platform. These materials are openly accessible to all users. However, because it is separate from the main web site, users will have to create another account on that site, which may be a little discouraging. For this reason, Online Academy users will still have the option to upload educational materials using video upload and different modules on the academy’s main web site (coming soon)! In fact, multiple videos covering the same topic can be uploaded as supplemental materials to any submitted article or lecture note. While we hope everyone is using the educational videos (video lectures) on Luloot Scholar, we are looking forward to the academy’s main educational and interactive website. This home page will be transferred to an “academy” subfolder and replaced by the new feature-packed and interactive site. Luloot Scholar’s new  features will enhance learning with excellent modules for standard-style examination reviews, listing of lecture notes with optional videos accessible online, and lots of other features that enhance instant communication and networking. Despite all these features, the academy will remain true to its mission as an Online Academy with open-access  for all.

    Again, this is the Temporary Home Page of Luloot Scholar, Open-Access Online Academy for All

    Go to Luloot Scholar Directory or Video courses, new: how to lose weight fast.

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